The mix-up hurts even more than it might have otherwise since in Josh's eyes, JB is currently on top of the world: he's happy, he has a girlfriend, and he's presumably still doing well on the court. 0000014949 00000 n
See, when I play ball,
I’m on fire. Complete your free account to request a guide. When Josh is able to use what's presumably some of Dad's own basketball wisdom and turn it around on Dad, it shows that Josh is indeed growing up and becoming more mature. He is happy and accepts. This is exactly the case for John in A Prayer for Owen Meany by John Irving. He journeyed through life before, after, and during his NBA career, with a smile and determined look. I like to give the quotes to students and then they have to create a poster explaining how it relates to the book and what it means in real life context. Others' expectations of you are determined by their limitations of life. These rules pertain to basketball, but are clearly lessons that are geared towards life in general. TPT empowers educators to teach at their best. 0000031472 00000 n harperto33. Their mother, Dr. 0000001216 00000 n
You’re fresh and new,
like a red Corvette. He moves./Tell him a joke. Create an illustration that represents each rule using appropriate scenes, characters, and items. You'll be able to access your notes and highlights, make requests, and get updates on new titles. Basketball is extremely important to them, and they both want to play professionally someday. He tells his sons that life is a game. Copyright 1999 - 2023 GradeSaver LLC. Lonnies goal in life is more than just to become one of the best players to ever hit the court. Dean had three best friends that he had always spent time with 24/7 playing basketball and just hanging out. , Publisher Basketball Rules In The Crossover, Josh gives 10 "Basketball Rules" that are also metaphors for life. Are you getting the free resources, updates, and special offers we send out every week in our teacher newsletter? He and his twin brother Jordanor JBare basketball stars and are best friends on and off the court. When a book hits a sweet spot, it zooms from one student to another. Dad finally wakes up; he and Josh are able to talk to each other honestly, but it is very hard for him. Above all else, players in the game of life must give their hearts to their families and do everything they can to protect and love them. What does this mean? Our Teacher Edition on The Crossover can help. There is a new girl at school with pink Reeboks who also plays basketball, and JB falls hard for her. This poem is about the fast break in basketball when players quickly bring the ball the other way at an unprepared defense. The game has two sections. In the basketball scene Steven Conrad uses emotive language to show the viewer that you should never give up on your dream. It is a rare verse novel that is fundamentally poetic rather than using this writing trend as a device. 0000029230 00000 n I don't know what you mean by powedict devices. Told in dynamic verse, this fast and furious middle grade novel bounces with rhythm and bursts with heart.
Listen to that piano, fast and free,
Just like you and JB on the court.

It’s okay, I guess, Dad. Videos and responses (Def Ja. 0000012066 00000 n No one can crush his dreams nor his confidence. These three words end lines two, three, five, seven, and eight. Josh's fears in this scene allude to the dangers of being black in America. The Crossover by Kwame Alexander 55,380 ratings, 4.26 average rating, 8,781 reviews The Crossover Quotes Showing 1-30 of 32 "Basketball Rule #1 In this game of life your family is the court and the ball is your heart. Updike has created a character that is at this point in time going nowhere and spends most of his time thinking about his former days of glory. Lonnie wishes to create a new life for himself one that is free from the struggles of Harlem streets. 9 March 2021. It has no rules and no referees. From the creators of SparkNotes, something better. By using this service, some information may be shared with YouTube. Throughout the novel, the author includes 10 "Basketball Rules". we feel when a basketball drops perfectly through a net. Best summary PDF, themes, and quotes. [1] In a typical example the player heads up-court, dribbling the ball in (say) the left hand, then makes a wide step left with a good head fake. At the same time as Josh leads his team to a glorious victory, Dad passes away. , is destined to reachand touchreaders who never gave basketball or poetry a second thought until now. Basketball Rule #2 "Hustle dig Grind push Run fast Change pivot Chase pull Aim shoot Work smart Live smarter Play hard Practice harder" - 51 Basketball Rule #3 "Never let anyone lower your goals. 0000028950 00000 n It should be low, below the knee, and it should be quick and start with a fake. Fouls include hitting, pushing, slapping, holding, or an illegal pick/screen (an offensive player moving and sticking out a limb to prevent a defensive player from getting in their way). Method 1 Doing a Basic Crossover Download Article 1 Develop your dribble. At first, this metaphor might seem unusual, but he brings it together in the second half of the poem. Thanks. Then, when he uses un-ironic to describe his family's history with high blood pressure, it shows that he's putting the pieces together to be able to truly understand the contours of his family's history. A shot constitutes either going in the basket or hitting the rim of the basket. For example, good and get in lines four and five. When Josh wonders if there's something else in the oven, it shows that in every way, he's unwilling to accept change.
Folks call me that
’cause my game’s acclaimed,
so downright dirty, it’ll put you to shame. There are 24 pages as follows: Laughing at Josh's nickname is a way for JB and Miss Sweet Tea to demonstrate their loyalty to each other. The subject of basketball is untraditional. Enjambment forces a reader down to the next line and the next, quickly. The movie Hoop Dreams centered on a pair of intercity youths, William Gates and Arthur Agee. The illustrations relate to the descriptions, but are difficult to understand. Ryan was a two-time All-Metropolitan, All-State, and All-Conference point guard and the all-time three-point leader in the schools history, landing him in the Caldwell University Athletic Hall of Fame. The next two lines of Basketball Rule #1make use of anaphora. Flicks emotional retreat into his earlier period is exposed. Another important technique commonly used in poetry is enjambment. However, they shared a dream of playing in NBA.
See, I’m the next Kevin Durant,
LeBron, and Chris Paul. . His hope is to get back on for the playoffs. Basketball Coach. It is through you visiting Poem Analysis that we are able to contribute to charity. Anyabwile illustrated the graphic novel adaptation of the. 5. Alexander did not choose to make use of a consistent rhyme scheme, but there are examples of half rhyme throughout the poem. ", Naomi Shihab Nye, National Book Award Finalist, The characters of Kwame Alexander's verse-novel entered my heart, as it showed the many ways in which the basketball, the truth, love, and life cross over and between us. , Marilyn Nelson, Newbery Honor winning author, "The Crossover is a masterful mix of rhythm and heart that tells the story of two brothers navigating the deep waters of love, loyalty, and championship play. This could refer to either Josh or JB: JB isn't playing with Josh the same way, while Josh is becoming more caught up in policing JB and is paying less attention to his own performance. : He and his twin brother Jordanor JBare basketball stars and are best friends on and off the court. Each has the responsibility of carrying and caring for the ball while on the court. Each team has 24 seconds to at least shot at the basket. Storyboard Text. It is clear JB wants Alexisor Miss Sweet Tea, as Josh calls her because once, after a game, she offered JB some of that drinkto be his girlfriend.
One day we were listening to a CD
of a musician named Horace Silver, and Dad says,

Josh, this cat is the real deal. , ISBN-13 This change in language (calling JB a showoff) shows that as Josh's attitude sours, his word choice reflects this and reveals his attitude towards his brother. Poem Solutions Limited International House, 24 Holborn Viaduct,London, EC1A 2BN, United Kingdom. 0000044218 00000 n , Lexile measure Page 14-15 - 3rd Quarter Review Questions and Answer Key These rules pertain to basketball, but are clearly lessons that are geared towards life in general. Their father, Chuck Da Man Bell, was a famous basketball player back in the day, but he no longer plays because, as the boys discover when snooping through his box of memorabilia, he has patellar tendonitis. Plus, in this context, he does not see it as a bad thing. At the beginning of the game, each team is assigned one of the baskets to defend, and this switches at halftime. Practice crossing right to left.,,, This is bad for his hypertension, and she encourages the family to eat healthily and for Dad to see a doctor. Ten printable posters that feature the ten basketball rules from Kwame Alexander's novel The Crossover.
Man, take this THUMPING. Josh and JB each grab one of what are the powedict devices in the crossover and how are they used? He laughs this off and claims he does not trust doctors because his father died after he went to the doctor. Life throws some hard things at you. 0000003834 00000 n If you bounce the ball just under your knees, there is less chance of the ball being stolen from you. 50 terms. Step and lean towards that side, and focus on the defender's midsection. When Josh talks to his dad privately, he bitterly wonders why his Dad jumped ship; he had thought his dad was Da Man.. This rule drives home the importance of teamwork and trust, as both are necessary for success on the court. One summer, there was a kid named Dean Gullberry and Dean liked to play the game of basketball. Reviewed in the United States on February 10, 2015. While this makes it more understandable why Josh feels threatened by Miss Sweet Tea's interest in JB, it's also telling that JB is willing to use his brother to get out of this difficult conversation. But nothing prepared me for how it hooked them. . After those games Harlan wanted to quit, but Miles and Jackie didn 't let him. He is still a little bummed about both JB and now their friend Vondie having girlfriends as well as his not being on the team. The center is usually the tallest player and remains near the basket. "Mom doesn't like us eating out" to "How Do You Spell Trouble? My sweat is DRIZZLING. Since Owen has a certain knowledge of the future, many of his actions foreshadow his inevitable death. For more details on technique, as well as some crossover variations, keep on reading. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. He tells his sons that good things and bad things can happen, neither gives them the excuse to mistreat their family in any way. With over 30 years of experience, Ryan specializes in basketball coaching, social media marketing, and website design. William and Arthur had almost everything imaginable trying to prevent their success. Basketball Rule #7 Rebounding Basketball Rule #2 is the art Hustle dig of anticipating, Grind push of always being prepared Run fast to grab it. The realization that his locks, which he thinks of as wings, are gone shows that Josh is still struggling with this loss of identity. The Question and Answer section for The Crossover is a great Basketball Rule #5 (page 93) I wish I was out there. All rights reserved. To differentiate, teachers may assign just one rule or more than 3. Players move the ball down the court by dribbling or passing. Basketball rules from the amazing book Crossover by Kwame Alexander. Why does Jordan say, "If we didn't love each other, we'd HATE each other.", answer choices. Basketball is absolutely central to The Crossover, so here is a brief primer on how to play this sport for readers who may not be as intimately familiar with it as the novel's characters are.
Don’t need your pets
my game’s so
fly. The words No matter how start lines four and five and emphasize for the sons that there are things they must keep in mind. The fact that Josh taking the phone for JB even works at all speaks to the strength of the relationship the boys have. : Spelling, grammar, and punctuation are somewhat correct. It's not a particularly long novel, but it's short length works in its favor because this is an exceedingly powerful book. A crossover is when a basketball player fakes out their defender by dribbling with one hand and then quickly dribbling with the other. The winning team is the one with the most points at the end. "I barely knew how to dribble the ball before this but now I can cross up my opponent whenever I want!". The ___ probably was the first and the simplest of all machine tools. , Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books, * "The poems dodge and weave with the speed of a point guard driving for the basket, mixing basketball action with vocabulary-themed poems, newspaper clippings, and Josh's sincere first-person accounts that swing from moments of swagger-worth triumph to profound pain." Activity-Inside/Outside Circle3. People like the idea of believing in religion and a higher power because it gives people something to believe in when nothing seems to make logical sense. Basketball is a team sport. wikiHow is where trusted research and expert knowledge come together. "My students can't get enough of your charts and their results have gone through the roof." Copyright 1999 - 2023 GradeSaver LLC. A good crossover dribble should involve quick changes in direction. 0000009882 00000 n Poet Alexander deftly reveals the power of the format to pack an emotional punch." Every single person that visits Poem Analysis has helped contribute, so thank you for your support. The Question and Answer section for The Crossover is a great Spelling, grammar, and punctuation are mostly incorrect. They pull off some fantastic wins early on. Water repellency. Basketball Rules What does this rule mean if/when you are on the court practicing or playing a game? Page 16, READING UNIT: The Crossover by Kwame AlexanderThe unit is broken up just like the book into sections (first quarter, second quarter, etc. As stated at the very beginning of the book, Owen is the reason John believes in God, and its because it helps John make sense of everything that happens that doesnt seem possible. The Bell twins are stars on the basketball court and comrades in life. No matter how good you are, no matter how down you get, always leave your heart on the court. For this activity, students will choose three of the Basketball Rules and explain and illustrate them. The mood and characterization demonstrated in Summer Ball illustrates the ambitious attitudes that reflect the focus and importance of success to overcome many obstacles. The things Owen does and the things he knows prior to them happening are only possible if there is some higher power guiding Owens life. By ignoring what he knows about how to use his team and JB specifically to do what's best for the team, Josh shows that what he craves in this moment is solo recognition. "The Crossover Summary". His 2015 novel, The Crossover, won the Newbery Medal. () Summarize your observations in a short paper. "I needed to know how to do this for a school project, and now I can fully demonstrate crossover! Ryan was a First Team All-Decade basketball player in Bergen County and finished in the top 20 all-time leading scorers in the countys history with 1,730 points. Creating notes and highlights requires a free LitCharts account. The descriptions are clear and at least two sentences. He becomes very mature with his age for his first child without support from Feathers mother. Take it to the hoop. Would not have made it through AP Literature without the printable PDFs. Jordan starts dating the "pulchritudinous" Miss Sweet Tea, and Josh has a tough time keeping his jealousy and feelings of abandonment in control. Needed a book for a middle school student who had a small project. All together, they are a metaphor for life. Teach your students to analyze literature like LitCharts does. School Library Journal Best Book, "A beautifully measured novel of life and line.". Its tough, muscular writing about a tender, unguarded heart." The effect of Jordans game was so profound that the league changed its rules to make the games more enjoyable. Q. Crossover. Reprinted by permission. Display them as you read or year round to inspire and engage young readers!
Only the best song,

the funkiest song
on Silver’s Paris Blues album:

At first

I didn’t like the name
because so many kids made fun of me
on the school bus,
at lunch, in the bathroom. Page 12-13 - 2nd Quarter Review Questions and Answer Key Labels and hangtags. 0000038553 00000 n Keep the D guessing. A great read! When life intervenes in the form of a hot new girl, the balance shifts and growing apart proves painful., Poems covered in the Educational Syllabus. Can be used as a group activity, individual activity, or to be put up in your classroom when doing a read aloud or book talk. His friends Ben Dover who lived across the street from Dean, Dixie Normous who Dean met at the river court but didnt go to his school, and Jack Koffing who Dean met playing travel ball back at Compton. Using what you've learned, design a label and hangtag of your own for a garment. Over time, Josh grows more frustrated with JB pulling away from him. Find related themes, quotes, symbols, characters, and more. is an Emmy Award winning artist, illustrator and co-creator of the groundbreaking Comic Book Series, Anyabwile hasworked with companies such as Cartoon Network, Turner Studios, NBA TV, Nickelodeon, and many others as a character designer, storyboard artist, illustrator and concept artist. LitCharts Teacher Editions.
Boy, you better recognize

greatness when you hear it. 0000006505 00000 n An electric and heartfelt follow-up to Newbery Medalwinner The Crossover, from the dynamic team behind the graphic novel edition. When I shoot, I inspire. Danny proved that just because of your size, doesnt mean you cant be the best. Excerpt. While there are some differencesJosh shaves his head and Jordan loves his locksboth twins adhere to the Bell basketball rules: In this game of life, your family is the court, and the ball is your heart. Instant downloads of all 1725 LitChart PDFs Practice dribbling behind your back before trying this move. Students will analyze and grapple with different poems from Crossover and answer open-ended questions.

, ASIN Reviewed in the United Kingdom on August 4, 2022. From the start, the Crossover by Kwame Alexander, shows off its spin moves and keeps readers entertained with creative language like, Straight in the hole: Swoooooooooooosh. Free throws are worth one point each and occur when a player is fouled by an opposing player. He suffered complications and died of a massive heart attack in the hospital. Fast Break is the best poem ever. One day, while everyone is at the rec center playing hoops, Dad clutches his chest and falls to the floor. Practice it a lot. Sign up to unveil the best kept secrets in poetry, Home Kwame Alexander Basketball Rule #1. That's until Ray Lewis came and spoke one of his motivational speeches to Dean. In "There are so many . In the book, Crossover, what does Basketball Rule #10 mean? : The descriptions can be understood but it are somewhat unclear. %PDF-1.4 % 0000003226 00000 n The Crossover: Overtime Summary & Analysis Next Themes Themes and Colors Key Summary Analysis Article #2 in the Daily News (January 14). 20 seconds. Overall, she didn't enjoy it. False. This translated in outlawing defensive contact when a player is in the perimeter, which in turn allowed players to relentlessly attack the lane and score on spectacular layups or dunks in a manner similar to what Jordan popularized. The illustrations represent the descriptions using appropriate scenes, characters and items. The dynamic prequel to Kwame Alexander's Newbery Awardwinning novel in verse, The Crossover. You'll also get updates on new titles we publish and the ability to save highlights and notes. It does not matter how; all that matters is that we need to just go get the ball. Basketball Rule #6 (page 129) Basketball Rule #9 (page 214) This one's for you, dad. Your heart On the court. In John Updikes poem Ex-Basketball Player the poet uses literary devices to depict the existing way of life of a once-famous sportsperson. If we want to win, we need to just go get the rebound, or go dive on the floor for a loose ball. They're like having in-class notes for every discussion!, This is absolutely THE best teacher resource I have ever purchased. By using our site, you agree to our. In many of our lives we face adversity and crucial scenarios that seem to be impossible to overcome, but the one thing that allows us to persevere is ambition. Struggling with distance learning? Fast delivery and easy read. Copyright 2023 All rights reserved. Ryan Tremblay is a Basketball Coach and the Owner of National Sports ID and STACK Basketball. ),, This Storyboard That activity is part of the lesson plans for. 0000009461 00000 n 0000010458 00000 n Expert Interview. Perhaps the most significant, valuable, and crucial word that comes to mind though, basketball.The How good is Oscar Robertson? Red Auerbach - a highly respected NBA coach for many years- once said, He is so good he scares me. His sheer talent and dedication got him to the National Basketball Association (NBA), but his, hard work and will to win kept him there. Develop the tech skills you need for work and life. The paper writes that Charlie "Da Man" Bell ( Dad) collapsed in a basketball game with Josh. Learn about the charties we donate to. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); document.getElementById( "ak_js_2" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Our work is created by a team of talented poetry experts, to provide an in-depth look into poetry, like no other. Basketball, a game of dribbling, shooting, scoring, and winning. 0000008677 00000 n As a defensive center, they try to stop opponents from shooting. From all ages, races, genders, play basketball all over the world. The speaker addresses his sons, telling them that life is a game and that as players of that game, they have certain things they need to value. 'Basketball Rule #1' is one of several rules that feature in Kwame Alexander's book The Crossover.
At the top of the key, I’m
Why you BUMPING? However, he also decides that he has to get back on the court, so he accepts a coaching position at a local college. As soon as I read the opening lines of The Crossover, with its basketball cover and bouncing rap beat, I just knew I had to read it aloud to my 5th graders. ", "I'm really bad at basketball; my shot is good, but my handling isn't. : Osborne-Bartucca, Kristen. Rule #1 -family is court; ball is heart; always leave heart on court -all members of Bell family have their heart in the family court; why Josh is so hurt when JB abandons them for Miss Sweet Tea Rule #2 -random text from dad -work smart; live smarter; play hard; practice harder 4.
   Why you LOCKING? The first says that the family is the court and the ball is their heart. , Hardcover There is also a quirky vocabulary element that adds a fun intellectual note to the narrative. Page 8-9 - Basketball Rules and Answer Page Terrific, powerful book -- my students are loving it!!! Throughout the novel, the author includes 10 Basketball Rules. Josh's plan is relatively mature, given that he wants to use his words and lay out his case in unemotional terms. : Basketball Rule #1 by Kwame Alexander is a short poem made up of eight lines contained in a single stanza of text. It's telling that he's encouraging Dad to go to the doctor, as that suggests that Josh recognizes that caring for one's health is extremely important, and that doctors are an important element in that pursuit. Each image shows a basketball graphic with one of the 10 basketball rules superimposed over it. The Crossover study guide contains a biography of Kwame Alexander, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis. which was longlisted for the National Book Awardand won the Caldecott Medal, a Newbery Honor, and the Coretta Scott King Illustrator Award. The guard dribbles quickly, sees the court, passes, and sets up offensive plays; they can also take on offensive or defensive roles. Flick dwells more restricted by the past than the present because the past was much brighter for him. ringaling and SWINGALING/Swish. , "Concrete poems that simulate on-court action, the novel's organization into "four quarters" (plus "warm-up" and "overtime") and a smattering of their father's 10 rules of basketball--as applicable to life as they are to the game--will draw in less avid readers, and the fully-fleshed characters and Josh's spellbinding wordplay will keep all readers riveted to find out if the brothers can mend the breach in their once iron-clad bond" , "An accomplished author and poet, Alexander eloquently mashes up concrete poetry, hip-hop, a love of jazz, and a thriving family bond. The Crossover study guide contains a biography of Kwame Alexander, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis. As JB becomes closer to Miss Sweet Tea, he also begins to move away from Josh. The novel won the Newberry Award and the Coretta Scot King Award for childrens literature. These include, but are not limited to, anaphora, alliteration, enjambment, and metaphor. The Crossover Kwame Alexander. So, when the poem concludes, he is telling his children to always give their hearts, and their best efforts, in service of their family. Question 3. One and One: When a team has reached the initial foul limit 5 fouls (high school/ college) or 6 fouls (NBA) the next player to get fouled will receive one free throw. 0000011723 00000 n .

I’m dedicating this next song to you.
Okay? The rectangular, 91-by-50-foot court is divided by the midcourt line into two sections. But Josh has more than basketball in his blood, he's got mad beats, too, that tell his family's story in verse, in this fast and furiousmiddle grade novel of family and brotherhood from Kwame Alexander.

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