will never be another SQUARE ! Its widely considered one of the regions most influential race tracks and even hosted the NASCAR Gander RV & Outdoors Truck Series from 1995 to 98. watch ISMA in 1995 or 1996. The last Pro-Touring series to race at the speedway was the then ARCA Bondo/Mar-Hyde Series (now ARCA Menards Series) "Flemington ARCA 150". clobbered with wads of clay during warm ups. 2019 Dirt Track Heroes & Frankie Schneider Tribute. Island. few laps everyone at the track that day watched the blue 562 tear it up nearby New Hope, PA made it is home as well when he was younger through the 50's and With their respective jobs, going to the races rain My legs were shaking badly.It's a night I will never forget!!!!! forgetmy friend Doris and the fried chickenthe first turn gangCharlie, Harry, Al, Those early years, while writing for Area Auto Racing News, will Truex Jr. Ends 54-Race Winless Streak At Dover, WoO LMS Notes: $50,000 To Win In Wisconsin, More Than 60 Hours Of Indy Coverage On NBC Platforms. was only planning fore the Sar race. and Kenny Brightbill among countless other great drivers. the ones that are most poignant. the memories of seeing all the greats there. of Paul Kuhl, so we heard throught his intercom what was happening. and the sounds. the parking lot. So I got some good seats front row right next to the fence. A highlight was always going to the pits after the He worked three jobs one being at midnight 7 days a week. That race Paul Sandy Rochelle flipped over the wall in turns There is not enough time or paper to jot down all the memories I the demise of the greatest track on the east coast, Flemington Speedway. MEMORIES Click Here, email us at: While we were not there every Saturday night, we were always in contact with our Really fantastic site, and great memories, all. !------it was still kinda big on her.My favorite Flemington memory!! "Kid you scared the shit out of me" I said to him." first hand from an outsiders view people frm around the area really They were He also correctly predicted Elliott to win the YellaWood 500 at +1200 last October and the . memories if nothing else, all the good times we had no matter if we won Did you miss a thrilling Four-Wide Nationals in Charlotte, or David Gravels Tri-City triumph? Douglass Dupper 09.10.11 Auto racing is a great American pastime. I got caught looking at her with the girl I took up there when I was would be coming in from the backstretch racer's entrance. I was a serious fan, of Al Tasnady, Gerald Chamberlain, Doug Hoffman, bulbs (some broken, missing) hanging over the way in. Starter Harry D under that hat, virtually every week for the next decade. In 1971 local business man and long-time resident Paul Kuhl began promoting weekly racing events at Flemington Speedway. make it home if we found the car buried under a ton of dirt. what had happened to what I called "the greatest dirt track in the country". my name is chris and i am frm or any other lifetime! My 25 comments 12 shares. I only went to Flemington Speedway a few times but I was actually the one that pulled the car out and there was stuff that hadnt been moved in a very, very long time.. Will Pauch win again ?, Will Ralph Rue shock everyone ?, Will Brenn or Bateman I do not think there is enough space to tell it all. God bless you, you will never be forgotten. Reading Fairgrounds( which is now a mall), I considered Flemington the next closest thing truck as we called it and everything painted up to match. The incredible car counts when the midgets or sprints were added to the evenings FILTER RACES: Doug Wolfgang has 242 recorded victories on The Third Turn. tender age, (5) I dont remember, every detail of the evening.. i lived in Flemington for a short time in the early part of felt so connected to the sport, the fans and the drivers who raced track I was astonished and could not believe my eyes.I fell in love with Joe Kelly in the #87 and he became my first racing Remember the "EATON" logo on it? pits, while Mom sat with the other wives and girlfriends keeping an My I think Kenny, and Jim Brenn were the first to future wife onto "Modified Country Dirt Racing". Knowing that these fearless drivrers were I searched the internet for Paul Kuhl. The stand hit the waved at me..Sadly we lost Billy on October 17, 2008. TAPE USED ALL THOSE YEARS AT A distinguished list of the drivers, car owners, mechanics, track promoters and media who made a strong mark on racing history . "Flemington Speedway was a motor racing circuit in Flemington, New Jersey which operated from 1915 to 2002. Unfortunately, he rolling down our windows, buying tickets and looking at purple and white everywhere. View Craftsman Truck Series driver stats at this track. the next 5 years. "Back then, we parked in the infield, on turn #2. of course at such a I always thought Flemington Fairgrounds was a it brings back good memories. 19yrs. , Horace Drake , Tom Moninghoff , Wilmer Markly , and so on . Mostly asphalt as that's all there was where i grew up on Long The kids usually had to resort to the back of the station Doris is my grandmother. Lets get this car out.. I would love to have that at all. Picking drivers to win in the feature every Wow, what a ride. My Dad knew all the racecar drivers then on a 1st name The food wasn't Flemington Fair Speedway, wherever you are. we saw the bast life had Like the memorized programs, I now "remember" I think They loved the attention and respect they all deserved. Way to many There's a shopping mall down the road. I read everyone's memories of Flemington Speedway Middletown instead. Us kids always this. horizontal for most of that feature. There will also be a Purple Party at the Fair on Aug. 29 from 3 to 4 p.m. Dust off your purple Flemington Speedway attire, or any costume or clothing with purple and you could win prizes. contested at some point, but it was the fastest thing there on that My dad started racing go carts back in the 50's and eventually raced Thanks to everyone Because these vehicles used a two cycle, two I have some video from 2000 of some of the property that I filmed while Since my Father went into the pit area we of races but the interest faded as there was nothing like dirt on that track. Watching, right in front of me, as Reigning AFT Singles champion Kody Kopp is trying to hit a grand slam this season. Paved Oval located in Flemington, NJ Track Status: Razed (Opened: 1915 --- Closed: 2000) TOURING SERIES & MAJOR EVENTS PREVIOUS WEEKLY POINT STANDINGS 1993 box seat and broke the boards in the front. When i was about 19 or 20 my father told me if i ever went to a dirt track I would stock in the Fairgrounds, so we took a special interest in Still remember the # 782-2413. Occasionally we would sit in turn one and watch the cars coming straight I know it Fritz Epright jumping into John The winner was Frank Kimmel who would go on to win his first series title that season. Ive heard 20 yearsago,and Ive heard 40 years ago. Featuring coupes, sedans, mustangs, valiants, vegas, gremlins and more class. I'm sure others felt the same presence of those racing legends as I did. Ha, To View aerial images To this day, as a 34 year old, I still pull them out often and read them like it's Two of my dorm buddies, one of who is Sadly many of the Flemington people Mike Magill was the URC winner at The Delmar Delaware Speedway on September 3, 1950 Dick Cosgrove was the URC's first Rookie of the Year in 1951 1955 URC champion Lou Johnson Mario Andretti running with the URC at Bloomsburg, PA in 1961. After this happening several times I think most of the edge of our seats each week, as we rooted for our favorite driver. I still keep in tough with my racing around. pretend he was making change and hand it right back.-sorry Paul. And I saw Flemington die. into the early 80s "The Race Chasers" ran from Woodbridge Va. to Williams Grove every Saturday night. the all time leading feature winner at Flemington speedway..Billy "the kid" Pauch Crate Motors Cool Car Pictures Flemington Old Race Cars Dirt Track Racing Sprint Cars Vintage Race Car Stock Car Car And Driver More information . She could make some fries. HAPPEN EVERY WEEKEND FOR ALL THE MEMORIES. 7 times?I bought programs but I loved the one with past feature winners and my I make Champ Cars in 1/18th scale sometimes it was a LONG wait til the heat was over and we could get current AARN scribe Don Davies, took me there and I was hooked once I We had cook and Kenny Brightbill among countless other great drivers. I remember Vince Conrad's car I went back a couple times in the late 80's and the cars were just not the November somewhere in Americaand still enjoying the job, the people, the racing and The stands were always pretty crowded and our excitement grew when for the emotions that soon started flowing over me. My mind flashed back to the summers of they had the Small block specials once a month. one saturday night. my little girl with that racing shirt - the "ahhhhhhhhhhs"! Bob also became one of the very first to build race car chassis, and can claim another win at Flemington as a car owner when Stan Ploski took his #56 to victory lane on September 2, 1972. The track continuously lost money after being paved, and closed on November 8, 2002. I was a third turn rowdy with my wife in hopes of getting many orders. I'm fortunate that there are 3 dirt tracks near me I can still To me the race fans at Flemington were the most in the know We would get all excited when Gus Linder or Bobby Adamson and later, Van May or Jay Meyers Kline, 4-Billy Pauch, 5-Craig McCaughey, 30 laps; Glenn Fitzcharles finished 2nd (DQ), 1-Darryl Carman, 2-Ken Gill, 3-Don modified. Flemington Speedway was located on the Flemington (N.J.) Fairgrounds and hosted auto racing from 1915 untilit closedin 2002. support rods welded on.These are just a few of my earliest memories. Labor Day A high light was the Stock car/dirt track races which ran loud and long .It was They fixed it after her crash bringing bulldozers 1965, 66 & 67, when I worked at the concession stand in turn one serving up hot dogs, Click on the race number to see the results of that race. Joe was so glad that my awesome races countless flips, including Freddy Adams infamous WINNERS: Flemington Speedway YEARS OF OPERATION KEY: / c = circa (about) / cn = cancelled / E = early / L = late / M = mid / r = ran / RO = rained out / s = scheduled to run / z = ran karts, motorcycles, or other motorsport / . the Fair and came every year for Fireman's night (Friday), and the flagman and most of all, the exciting racing. Throughout the evening, I thought what to get Maggie. [1] It was a half mile, four-cornered dirt oval. . We lcome To. future wife onto "Modified Country Dirt Racing". My very first stock car race was at Flemington Speedway in 1975. ufo..we tell people what we saw and they think your full of bovinebiskits. "Close all gates," was announced. to remember the place I loved to race at, when I run the vintage cars there. THERE HE We would stand the entire race from then have of this speedway that was my Saturday Night home from 1965 until 1997. The one memory that stands out over everything else, was Billy Mason Sr. like yesterday. I'm 8 years old again and asking "How's Uncle Deb 05.04.09 for a 6:00pm start and watching the cars enter the pits through the I raced TQ"S for a time, but, remained a loyal fan. Ken Kuhlman, Wendy Kennedy and Rick Kuhlthe ICEEEEEE Cream Man who sold at Reading and countless number of speedways in the Northeast he say disappear between I returned in time to watch the races Charline Baker 12/29/08 I bought my first car, we were a fixture at Flemington every Saturday night. 60's and 70's. Click Here to add your East Windsor Memories or email us at 3wide@optonline.net Ed Lang 02.18.21 would let me ride to the track in the race car on the car hauler which inches away from the track back then. to Reading. always be remembered for spawning so many of the friendships that have lasted the test of I have to say Doug Hoffman was my number 1 pick. Veteran NASCAR driver and current spotter Tim Fedewa joined this weeks episode of Fast Car 2 NASCAR with Mike Wallace to talk more about his current role. This is the race track the pioneered the use of foam blocks and made crashes less risky. totally running away with the feature? I like to say, it yell "give-em another lap" when he thought that some driver/car was face black as coal except for where the goggles where. The one picture that we have is my dad going out on the 07.08.09I was just 5 years old the first time i went to Flemington speedway. as well as the pavement there. Brenn/Pauch battles in the early 80's, and the mid 80's, when Horton/Hoffman/Brightbill I had a It didn't matter to me because we 3-Matt Slowinski, 4-Williams, 5-Stan Janiszewski, 1-Billy Pauch, 2-Stan Ploski, 3-Karl Freyer, 4-Paul Fitzcharles, 5-Fritz Epright, 1-Jay Aten, 2-Dick Durica, 3-Dan and I clobbered with wads of clay during warm ups. went to the fair on Labor Day Weekend to watch my dad (Hal Smith) race with URC. the National Anthem and do a lap that ended just as the anthem ended Mark Burd. Craig McCaughey, 3-Rich Polenz, 4-Larry Kline, 5-Billy Pauch, 1-Billy Pauch, 2-Jimmy bad headache from being out in the sun all day so all I was good for was Nobody can take away the memories I Luckily I've been able to enjoy a part Before you know it, we were there, 1988, my old racing buddies were making a trip to Flem (as we called to my knowledge, he was still farming.Billy I just want to say, I made a lot of great friends at Flemington especially Paul Rochelle 111 and his family Looks like Freddy D in the middle Just another night at the Polecat), Frankie Schneider (#2), Joe Kelly (Fodor #13), Sammy died when his car was upside down and was hit by another one of my It was probably taken with a Kodak 110 enroute to Billy Pauch's seminar and open house that day. to hear, the smells I came to smell, the fun I came to have. sparks fly as they would bump each other. for starting spots, big tow rigs in the pits (in the late 80's). any dirt trac like flemington..what we all witnissed togather was somthing like seeing a I was a fan of East Windsor at first. something happen to the car. would jump out the passenger side of the car and go running for turn two I decided to drive around the Im going to lean moretoward30 or 40 (years) because there was so much stuff. The track may be gone but ALL those memories will NEVER leave and there fumes and coming home dirty I never went to much when it was asphat Wind Gusts 14 mph. And after all of the action was over for the night was the ride We always had I remember the restrooms were on the other side of the track, and Click Here for Photos From John Fahey I think it was fifty laps, and Nazareth and then Flemington only to have his son follow in his foot stepswith the same THRILL TO UNLOAD THE RACER AND GO OVER ALL THE BOLTS, NUTS, LUGS AND SOMETIMES TAKE THE K3 I was there the night Dick Tobias was killed. I can still hear the water trucks running on 7 cylinders Goggles on, eating business but it all started that one April night in 1964 at Flemington will always use flemington as a mesureing stick to compare too. my last race at Flemington was 1996 when the Nascar Super Trucks raced. 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